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Gravity Power Solution: Your Trusted Partner for 10 kVA Online UPS Systems

When it comes to the uninterrupted power supply of critical equipment, Gravity Power Solutions 10 KVA online UPS systems are the perfect solution for industrial, IT, BT applications. Engineered to provide reliable and continuous power, our 10kVA online UPS systems keep critical equipment running smoothly by protecting against power-related issues such as blackouts, voltage fluctuations, and surges.

Our 10 kVA Online UPS systems are engineered to withstand the toughest industrial environments, ensuring dependable operation under harsh conditions. Equipped with long-lasting batteries and advanced management features, these systems deliver optimal performance and flexibility, tailored to your specific requirements.

At Gravity Power Solution, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality 10 kVA Online UPS systems to our clients. Our expert team is always ready to assist you in selecting the right UPS solution for your industrial applications, offering customized solutions that fit your unique needs and budget.

Choose Gravity Power Solution for robust, reliable, and cost-effective 10 kVA Online UPS systems that ensure uninterrupted power supply for your critical equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative power solutions and how we can help you optimize your operations.

type of 10kVA Online UPS has its own unique features and specifications

  1. Three Phase Input – Three Phase Output – 10 kva online ups: This type of UPS is designed to provide continuous power supply to three-phase equipment in industrial and commercial applications.

  2. Three-Phase Input – Single Phase Output – 10 kva online ups: This type of UPS converts three-phase power to single-phase output, making it suitable for applications such as servers, computers, and other sensitive electronic equipment.

  3. Single Phase Input – Single Phase Output – 10kVA UPS: This type of UPS provides continuous power supply to single-phase equipment in home, office, and small business environments.

Specifications Features

Input Voltage380V/400V/415V Three-Phase or 220V Single-Phase
Input Frequency50/60 Hz (±5Hz)
Output Voltage180V/200V/230V  220V Single-Phase
Output Frequency50/60 Hz (±0.1Hz)
Battery TypeSealed Lead-Acid Maintenance-Free
Battery Backup Time10-30 Minutes (Depending on Load)
EfficiencyUp to 93%
ProtectionOverload, Short Circuit, Overvoltage, Undervoltage, Overtemperature
CoolingIntelligent Fan Control for Optimal Temperature Regulation
CommunicationUSB, RS232, SNMP, Dry Contact
DisplayLCD Screen for Real-Time Monitoring and Control
Dimensions (mm)580 x 250 x 800
Weight (kg)170
  • High-capacity 10kVA UPS systems
  • Advanced 10kVA UPS solutions
  • 10kVA UPS for data centers
  • Backup power for 10kVA equipment
  • Efficient 10kVA UPS systems
  • Customized 10kVA UPS configurations
  • Industrial-grade 10kVA UPS systems
  • Scalable 10kVA UPS solutions
10 kva online ups

frequently asked questions related to 10kVA Online UPS

Q: What is a 10kVA Online UPS?

A:  10kVA Online UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that provides continuous and reliable power supply to critical equipment, protecting against power outages, voltage fluctuations, and surges.

Q:How does a 10kVA Online UPS work?

A:  10kVA Online UPS works by converting incoming AC power to DC power, which is then used to charge the UPS battery. The DC power is then converted back to AC power and supplied to the connected equipment. In the event of a power outage, the UPS switches to battery power to provide uninterrupted power supply.

Q:What types of equipment are suitable for a 10kVA Online UPS?

A: 10kVA Online UPS is suitable for critical equipment such as servers, data centers, medical equipment, and other sensitive electronic devices that require uninterrupted power supply.

Q:How long can a 10kVA Online UPS power equipment during an outage?

A: The backup time for a 10kVA Online UPS depends on the load being supported and the capacity of the UPS battery. Typically, a 10kVA Online UPS can provide backup power for 10-30 minutes, allowing for critical equipment to be shut down safely.

Q:Can a 10kVA Online UPS be used for data center applications?

A: Yes, a 10kVA Online UPS is suitable for data center applications as it provides reliable and continuous power supply to critical equipment, protecting against power outages and ensuring continuous operations.

Q:What are the benefits of using a 10kVA Online UPS?

A: The benefits of using a 10kVA Online UPS include protection against power outages and voltage fluctuations, ensuring continuous operations and protecting critical equipment against damage, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Q:Are there any environmental considerations when using a 10kVA Online UPS?

A: Yes, 10kVA Online UPS systems can generate heat and require proper cooling and ventilation to operate efficiently. It is also important to properly dispose of UPS batteries to prevent environmental contamination.

Q:What maintenance is required for a 10kVA Online UPS?

A: Regular maintenance of a 10kVA Online UPS is required to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This includes regular battery checks, firmware updates, and visual inspections of the UPS system.

Q:How does a 10kVA Online UPS compare to other types of UPS systems?

A: 10kVA Online UPS systems provide the highest level of protection and reliability compared to other types of UPS systems, such as line-interactive and standby UPS systems.

Q:Can a 10kVA Online UPS be customized to meet specific power requirements?

A: Yes, 10kVA Online UPS systems can be customized to meet specific power requirements, such as adding additional battery packs or installing parallel UPS systems for increased capacity and redundancy.


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