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Gravity Power Solution: Advanced Static Transfer Switch Manufacturer in Bangalore

Gravity Power Solution specializes in Static Transfer Switch Manufacturer in Bangalore state-of-the-art Static Transfer Switches (STS). Our commitment to innovation and quality drives us to offer the most reliable and efficient power management solutions. With our range of single-phase and three-phase STS models, we cater to a wide array of power requirements, ensuring your operations are seamless and secure.

What Is STS (Static Transfer Switch)

Static Transfer Switch (STS) is a crucial component in advanced power management systems. It’s designed to automatically transfer electrical loads between multiple power sources without interruption. This ensures a continuous supply of power and is particularly vital in environments where a stable and reliable power supply is critical.

Static Transfer Switch Manufacturer in Bangalore
How Does a Static Transfer Switch Work

How Does a Static Transfer Switch Work?

Static Transfer Switch operates by constantly monitoring the power sources connected to it. When it detects a failure or significant quality issue in the primary power source, it swiftly switches to the secondary source, ensuring the load continues to receive power without interruption. This switch happens in milliseconds, preventing any operational disruption. When the primary source becomes stable again, the STS can switch back, maintaining a continuous power supply.

Surge Suppressor in Static Transfer Switches (STS)

Surge suppressors, also known as surge protectors, are devices designed to protect electrical equipment from voltage spikes and surges. These surges can be caused by various external factors like lightning strikes, power outages, or internal factors such as fluctuations in the power grid.

Surge Suppressor in Static Transfer Switches STS

The Role of Surge Suppressors in STS

  • Voltage Spike Protection: Surge suppressors in STS units safeguard the system and connected equipment from sudden and excessive voltage increases. This protection is crucial because voltage spikes can damage sensitive electronic components or even cause complete system failures.
  • Maintaining Power Quality: By filtering out unwanted voltage spikes, surge suppressors help maintain the quality of power that is delivered to the load. This is especially important for equipment that is sensitive to even minor fluctuations in power quality.
  • Prolonging Equipment Life: Consistent exposure to voltage fluctuations can degrade the performance and lifespan of electrical devices. Surge suppressors extend the life of these devices by providing a more stable power supply.
  • Enhanced System Reliability: In critical applications where uninterrupted power is essential, such as in data centers or medical facilities, the integration of surge suppressors in STS units ensures that the power remains consistent and reliable.
  • Prevention of Operational Disruption: By mitigating the risk of power surges, these suppressors prevent potential operational disruptions, which could lead to downtime or data loss in critical operations.
  • Cost-Effective Protection: Installing surge suppressors is a cost-effective measure compared to the potential expense of repairing or replacing equipment damaged by power surges.

Unmatched Performance with Transformerless Power Supply Technology

Our cutting-edge Static Transfer Switches employ transformerless power supply technology, offering a robust solution that stands strong against voltage fluctuations up to 460Vac Phase to Neutral. This innovation ensures your operations run 24/7 without interruptions, providing reliability where it matters most.

Best static transfer switch manufacturers

Gravity Power Solution, where we pride ourselves on being among the best Static Transfer Switch manufacturers in the industry. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in providing reliable and efficient power management solutions.

Features that Define Excellence

Built-in SPD for Bypass Input Protection: Our STS models come equipped with Surge Protection Devices (SPD) to safeguard against voltage spikes, ensuring your equipment remains protected under all circumstances.

Digital Display for Master and Slave Sources: Experience the ease of monitoring with our intuitive digital displays, providing real-time insights into the status of both the master and slave power sources.

LED Indication for Master and Slave Sources: Quick visual indicators keep you informed about the status of your power sources, enhancing usability and control.

Bypass Mode with Audible Warning: Stay alerted with our bypass mode working buzzer warning, designed to notify you during critical bypass operations.

Comprehensive Voltage Protection: Our STS units are fortified with low and high voltage protection in bypass supply, ensuring stable operation across various voltage conditions.

Single-Phase Preventer in 3-Phase Models: The three-phase STS models include a single-phase preventer, offering an additional layer of security and functionality.

Advanced Inrush Current Management: Tackle inrush currents effectively with our sophisticated technology, maintaining stable power flow and equipment safety.

Auto Bypass Mode Transfer: Our STS seamlessly switches to bypass mode during UPS operation and smoothly returns to UPS mode when normal conditions are restored.

Programmable Transfer Time: Tailor the transfer time settings to meet your unique operational needs, ensuring a customized power management experience.

Static Transfer Switch Manufacturer in Bangalore Why Choose Gravity Power Solution?

  • Innovative Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge technology for the best in class power management solutions.
  • Customization: Tailored solutions to meet specific client requirements.
  • Expert Team: A team of skilled professionals dedicated to delivering excellence.
  • After-Sales Support: Comprehensive support ensuring lasting customer satisfaction.

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