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Ups Manufacturers In Bangalore Peenya - Gravity Power Solution

Gravity Power Solution is your trusted partner for all your online UPS needs in Bangalore, Peenya. With our expertise in designing and manufacturing high-quality UPS systems, we cater to a wide range of industries, including BPO and call centers, construction and real estate developers, retailers, educational institutions, and government sectors. Our commitment to providing reliable power backup solutions sets us apart.

Gravity Power Solution understands the importance of an uninterrupted power supply for critical operations. Our online UPS systems offer advanced features, customizable options, and superior performance. With our tailored solutions, comprehensive services, and continuous after-sales support, we ensure that your business operations run smoothly without any disruptions.

Whether you need a compact UPS for a small-scale dealer or a high-capacity system for a large-scale construction project, our diverse range of UPS systems, ranging from 1 kVA to 300 kVA, will meet your specific requirements. Trust us as the leading UPS manufacturers in Bangalore, Peenya, to provide you with top-notch products and exceptional customer service.

Custom Online UPS Solutions

Our experienced team works closely with clients to design and manufacture custom online UPS systems that perfectly meet their unique power backup requirements. With tailored solutions, you can ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Benefits :

  • Streamlined power backup solution designed specifically for your business.

  • Enhanced system performance and optimized energy consumption.

  • Improved reliability and minimized downtime.

Comprehensive Battery Health Checks !

Gravity Power Solution, we understand the critical role batteries play in power backup solutions. Our expert technicians perform regular battery health checks, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of your UPS system.


  • Enhanced battery reliability and prolonged lifespan.

  • Reduced risk of sudden power failures and disruptions.

  • Cost savings by minimizing battery replacements.

Optimize Battery Performance" - Schedule a battery health check for your UPS system

Online UPS Manufacturers in Bangalore ! Gravity Power Solution

Gravity Power Solution stands out as the beacon of reliability among other online UPS manufacturers in Bangalore. Our UPS systems are meticulously designed to meet the high standards and diverse needs of businesses across the region. Our extensive presence in Bangalore and Karnataka affirms our unwavering commitment to ensuring seamless operations for various industries.


Gravity Power Solution is one of the leading online UPS manufacturers in Bangalore. We offer a wide range of UPS products to our customers at reasonable prices and with the best quality. We are dedicated to providing the best product solutions for our customers.

Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS manufacturer in Bangalore Peenya  Gravity Power Solution is one of the best online ups manufacturers in Bangalore-India Why buy Gravity Online Ups very nominal price offer for online ups, system comes with a transformer inbuilt, High surge protection Keep your IT (software) load and industries devices safe from sudden voltage fluctuations from electricity

we are the expert in the UPS industry, Products we have the best valued and specialized skilled services engineers Gravity manufacturing UPS system required for customers’ Specifications

Products Sine wave, Line-interactive/Online ups up to 400KVA, inverter up to 100KVA We also, supply tubular/SMF batteries as backup equipment, we are the Best online ups manufacturing company in Bangalore –India

Applications Equipment’sFeatures
Bio-Medical EquipmentHigh-end Micro-Controller design
Network Work StationsSurge Load Capability Overload protection
Equipment’sHigh Efficient IGBT Technology Long-life
Online BankingSilent Operation
IndustriesGraphical Display for Alerts and Alarms
Office (IT)Short Circuit Protection Negligible distortion

Gravity™ is a leading Online Ups Manufacturers in India

Online UPS Manufacturers in India

In today’s fast-paced world, uninterrupted power supply is not just a necessity, but a crucial aspect that can dictate the operations of various businesses. As a leading UPS manufacturer in Bangalore India, Gravity Power Solution is at the forefront of delivering reliable and efficient power solutions. We are renowned online UPS manufacturers in India, committed to providing state-of-the-art power backup solutions that are vital for businesses with critical operations, including BPOs, call centers, and IT administrators.


online ups manufacturers in bangalore
Static voltage stabilizer for Textile Industry
online ups manufacturers in bangalore

Power Consumption Calculator

LED Bulb15
Room Cooler250
Refrigerator (upto 200L)300
Gaming Console2000
Washing Machine1200
Television LED (upto 40")40
Ceiling Fan75
Juicer Mixer Grinder800
Wi-Fi Router10
Room Heater1500
Coffee Maker800
Total Load: 0 Watts

Top Online UPS Manufacturers ! Gravity Power Solution

As one of the top online UPS manufacturer Gravity Power Solution, take pride in our comprehensive range of UPS systems. We ensure swift delivery and professional installation, guaranteeing minimal downtime and efficient power backup solutions tailored to your needs.

Best Online UPS Manufacturer

Our position as the best online UPS manufacturer is reinforced by our continuous effort to offer cutting-edge technology coupled with unmatched customer support. We endeavor to extend beyond standard solutions by ensuring our products are eco-friendly and adhere to the highest quality standards.

Applications of UPS Systems by Gravity Power Solution

As a premier Online UPS Manufacturer, Gravity Power Solution recognizes the diverse requirements across various sectors for uninterruptible power supply systems. Understanding the unique needs and applications of different industries, we’ve tailored our UPS systems to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and security for a range of applications.

UPS For Electronic Equipment
UPS For Electronic Equipment

Domestic electronic equipment is integral to everyday life, and a power interruption can cause significant disruption. Gravity Power Solution’s UPS systems ensure that your domestic electronic equipment, from computers to home appliances, continues to operate smoothly, safeguarding against potential damage from power outages.

UPS For Molding Machines
UPS For Molding Machines

Molding machines in manufacturing require consistent power to ensure optimal functionality and production continuity. Our UPS solutions are engineered to withstand the demands of these heavy machines, offering a stable and consistent power supply, minimizing downtime, and enhancing production efficiency.

Industrial UPS manufacturers
Industrial Online UPS System

Leading Industrial UPS Manufacturers in Peenya – Gravity Power Solution Industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are paramount for automated processes in various industries. Our UPS systems provide the reliable power these controllers need, ensuring uninterrupted operations and protecting against potential damage from power fluctuations, thereby safeguarding your investments and ensuring seamless industrial operations.

Online UPS for Medical Equipment

Online UPS for Medical Equipment

Medical equipment requires precise and consistent power to operate effectively and safely. Gravity Power Solution provides robust UPS systems specifically designed for the healthcare sector, ensuring that vital medical equipment remains functional, protecting both investments and lives.

Data Center Battery Backup System

Data Center Battery Backup System

Our UPS systems ensure the continuous operation of data centers, protecting against data loss and hardware damage that can result from power interruptions. Gravity Power Solution guarantees optimal uptime, safeguarding your critical data and ensuring seamless operations.

Online UPS For Telecom Applications

Online UPS For Telecom Applications

For the telecommunication sector, uninterrupted power is crucial for maintaining communication channels. Our UPS systems ensure that telecommunication equipment remains operational, providing consistent power to avoid any disruption in communication and ensuring connectivity at all times.

Online Ups for Retail POS Systems

And Shopping Mall
Online Ups for Retail POS Systems And Shopping Mall

Retail Point Of Sale (POS) systems need consistent power to ensure seamless transactions and customer satisfaction. Gravity Power Solution’s UPS systems guarantee uninterrupted power supply to POS systems, ensuring smooth business operations and enhanced customer experience.

Online Ups for Manufacturing

online ups for Manufacturing Automation

In the manufacturing sector, automation equipment is essential for efficient and streamlined operations. Our UPS systems ensure that these automated machines function without interruption, enhancing operational efficiency and production continuity.

Online Ups For Laboratory and

Online Ups For Laboratory and Research

In laboratories and research facilities, consistent power is vital for the operation of sensitive and critical equipment. Our UPS systems ensure that these machines remain operational, protecting valuable research and ensuring the continuity of critical experiments.

UPS for Network Servers
UPS for Network Servers

In our connected world, network servers are the heart of organizational operations. Gravity Power Solution ensures that these critical systems remain operational, providing a seamless uninterruptible power supply that safeguards against data loss and downtime, maintaining the continuity and efficiency of business processes.

UPS For Renewable Energy

UPS For Renewable Energy

For renewable energy systems, our UPS solutions provide a consistent power backup, ensuring that these systems continue to operate efficiently, maximizing energy production and minimizing downtime.

UPS For Security And Surveillance
UPS For Security And Surveillance

Our UPS solutions provide dependable power to security and surveillance systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation. This ensures continued surveillance, protecting assets, and maintaining security standards by preventing system downtime.

GRAVITY POWER battery backup calculator

Why Choose Gravity Power Solution As Your UPS Suppliers in Bangalore?

Unmatched Technical Expertise:

Why Choose Us as Your UPS Suppliers in Bangalore In the realm of power solutions, technical excellence is non-negotiable. At Gravity Power Solution, we prioritize cutting-edge technological innovation to deliver high-performance Online UPS systems. Our team of seasoned engineers and technicians possess a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing sophisticated UPS systems. Their technical acumen ensures that every product we deliver stands up to the highest standards of reliability, efficiency, and durability.

Comprehensive Technical Support:

Our reputation as a trusted UPS supplier in Bangalore is built on years of providing quality products and exceptional customer service Gravity Power Solution understands the critical nature of power supply in your operations, and we are committed to offering robust technical support for our UPS systems. Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist with any issues, ensuring minimal downtime and smooth operation of your business processes. We provide comprehensive after-sales service, including regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and updates to ensure your UPS systems continue to function optimally.

Custom Engineered Solutions:

Every business has unique power needs, and one-size-fits-all solutions just don’t cut it. We specialize in developing custom-engineered UPS systems that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team works closely with you to understand your power needs and design a UPS system that offers seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, optimal performance, and scalable solutions for future expansion.

Industry-Leading Innovation:

UPS Manufacturers in Bangalore Peenya Gravity Power Solution is at the forefront of technological innovation in the UPS manufacturing industry. We continuously invest in research and development to incorporate the latest advancements in battery technology, power electronics, and software integration into our UPS systems. Our products feature advanced functionalities and smart features that enhance their performance, reliability, and user-friendliness, setting us apart as a leader in Online UPS manufacturing.

Eco-Friendly Products:

In an era where sustainability is paramount, we are committed to producing UPS systems that are not only efficient and reliable but also eco-friendly. Our UPS systems are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing carbon footprint. By choosing Gravity Power Solution, you are making a responsible choice for the environment, ensuring green and clean operations for your business.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

We believe in offering the best value for your investment. Gravity Power Solution provides transparent pricing for our UPS systems, ensuring no hidden costs or surprises. Our competitive pricing model, coupled with our superior quality products and services, ensures you receive unparalleled value and a solid return on investment.

In the bustling city of Bangalore, ensuring consistent and reliable power for your business is paramount. At Gravity Power Solution, we stand out as the preferred UPS supplier in Bangalore, dedicated to delivering excellence and reliability in every product.

Navigating the industrial landscape of Bangalore Peenya, we understand the diverse and dynamic power needs of businesses. Our comprehensive power solutions in Bangalore Peenya are designed to meet these demands, ensuring your operations run smoothly without interruption.

As leading UPS systems manufacturers in Bangalore, we prioritize innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our UPS systems are crafted with precision, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and efficiency. Trust us to empower your business with seamless and robust power solutions, reinforcing your operations and ensuring unwavering productivity.

In essence, choosing Gravity Power Solution as your Online UPS Manufacturer is choosing reliability, innovation, and excellence. We are dedicated to enhancing your business operations by providing top-notch UPS systems backed by unwavering support and service. Entrust your power needs to us and experience the Gravity Power Solution difference firsthand.

Technical Specification
SpecificationsGravity® Titan 1kVAGravity® Titan 2kVAGravity® Titan 3kVA
Technical Data   
Ratings (kVA)1kVA2kVA3kVA
Nominal input voltage (V)100/110/120/220/230100/110/120/220/230100/110/120/220/230
Input voltage range without battery discharge (V)120 to 280120 to 280 120 to 280
Nominal frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/60
Input frequency range (Hz)40 to 7040 to 7040 to 70 
Input power factor (kW/kVA) 
Current THD at full linear load (THDI%)<5<3 <3
Bypass voltage tolerance (%)Selectable from +20 to -40Selectable from +20 to -40 Selectable from +20 to -40
Bypass frequency tolerance (%)±20 (±10 selectable)±20 (±10 selectable) ±20 (±10 selectable)
Number of battery cells per string   
Voltage temperature compensation (mV/°C/Cell)-3.0 (selectable 0 to -5.0 around 25°C or 20°C or inhibit)-3.0 (selectable from 0 to -5.0 around 25°C to 30°C, or inhibit)-3.0 (selectable from 0 to -5.0 around 25°C to 30°C, or inhibit) 
Battery charger max. power (kW)36vdc72vdc72vdc 96vdc
Nominal output voltage (V)220/230 (single-phase -)220/230 (single-phase -)220/230 (single-phase -)
Nominal output frequency (Hz)50/6050/6050/60
THDv with 100% linear load (%)22
Inverter overload capacity105% for 60 min; 125% for 5 min; 150% for 1 min; >150% for 200ms105% with continuous operation; 125% for 10 min; 150 for 1min; >150% for 200ms105% with continuous operation; 125% for 10 min; 150 for 1min; >150% for 200ms 
Double conversion efficiency (%)   
ECO mode efficiency (%)   
Dimensions (D x W x H) mm282 x 145 x 220397 x 145 x 220421 x 190 x 318
Weight (excluding battery) kg91728.2
Weight (including batteries) kg3 Battery 15kg8 Battery 30Kg 8 Battery 30Kg
Noise at 1 m (dBA)≤56≤58≤58
Protection level IEC (60529)IP20IP20 
General and safety requirements for UPSEN/IEC/AS 62040-1EN/IEC/AS 62040-1EN/IEC/AS 62040-1
UPS classification according to CEI EN 6240-3VFI-SS-111VFI-SS-111VFI-SS-111

Value Proposition of Gravity Power Solution

In today’s technologically driven world, a consistent and reliable power supply is not just a requirement but a backbone for uninterrupted operations across various industries. Gravity Power Solution stands tall as a beacon of trust and excellence in this domain.

What We Do: Tailored Online UPS Systems

Gravity Power Solution, we specialize in the design and manufacture of superior quality online UPS systems. Our offerings are meticulously crafted to align with the unique power backup requirements of diverse businesses in Bangalore, Peenya. Our technological prowess and dedicated focus on quality assurance make us the preferred choice for tailor-made UPS solutions.

Who We Serve: Diverse Industries Across the Board

Our reach spans a multitude of sectors, offering unrivaled service quality and product excellence to a broad spectrum of industries. From BPOs and call centers to construction and real estate developers, from retailers to educational institutions, and government sectors, our portfolio of satisfied clients stands testament to our unparalleled service delivery and commitment.

What They Get: Uninterrupted Operations and Peace of Mind

Choosing Gravity Power Solution is opting for reliability, efficiency, and comprehensive support. Our clientele enjoys the dual benefit of advanced, dependable power backup solutions and extensive after-sales support. Our offerings extend to encompass battery health assessments and detailed maintenance insights, ensuring your operations remain seamless and your mind, at peace. The assurance of consistent power supply and unwavering support underscores our value proposition, making us the go-to choice for online UPS systems in Bangalore, Peenya.


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