3 Phase Online UPS

Flexible 3 phase online ups power protection designed to meet a wide range of requirements from the Medium data center to industrial, Hospital, applications The GPS 5000 is the latest advanced Engineered UPS system that increases performance and reliability.

Online UPS technology fully isolates and protects against all power quality disturbances

Most demanding Products with high efficiency in double conversion or power save mode saves valuable energy costs and a comprehensive range of options GPS 5000 online ups be highly effective in any application.

The output electrical performances are fully aligned with the latest load requirements that include harmonics management Eco-friendly UPS, installation, and flexible configurations due to the wide range of integrated options.


  • PW Technology with High-Frequency Switching
  • Type -With Built-in Isolation Transformer.
  • Input-Voltage: 170Vto 270VACfor 1Ph.and 360Vto 470VACfor 3ph.
  • Frequency – 50Hz+/- 5Hz.
  • Output -Voltage: 225V.
  • Frequency – 50Hz+/- 0.1Hz.
  • Regulation – 225V+/- 1%.
  • Waveform -Pure Sine Wave.
  • Efficiency – Above 85%
  • Distortion – Less than 3%.
  • Noise Level – Less than 50dB.
  • Load Withstanding Capacity – 150% over Load for 60 sec.
  • Type of Cooling – Forced Air Cooling.
  • Mode of Charging – Boost cum Trickle Charging.
  • Load Crest Factor – 4:1.
  • Battery (Type)  – Tubular/ SMF.
  • Backup Provisions – 15 Min. to 8 Hours.
  • Battery Voltage -120V to 360V.
  • Display – LCD display for all parameters
  • Indications – Main on- Inverter ON – Inverter Trip – Battery Low – Invertor
  • Alarms – Battery Low, Overload, Inverter trip

Protections 3 Phase Online UPS

  • Input- Mains over Voltage / Under Voltage / Spikes/ Surges.
  • Battery- Over Charge/ Low Voltage.
  • Output- Over Voltage / Over Load / Short Circuit.
  • Bypass Switch- Inbuilt Manual Bypass
  • Optional Features- Static Bypass Switch / Software Interface.


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