Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore

Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore

Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore

Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore Gravity Power Solution offers a wide array of UPS of many leading brands which is in the market like, Numeric. These are extensively used in various applications where power fluctuations occur frequently.

Numeric UPS supplier and dealer in Bangalore. With Customer demand for the Best quality power ranging from 1kVA to 600KVA, our offered range of Numeric UPS in Bangalore & Mysore is known to highly satisfy the requirements of the customers. Considered top-notch, they come with multiple innovative features such as parallel redundant configuration Provides management of the UPS via a serial port. Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore

Proficiency and modularity make them ideal for a number of uses and industries. Gravity Power Solution has expertise as Numeric UPS Distributors in Bangalore, with the products available in Line Interactive, Single Phase, and Three Phase for industrial, commercial, and Noncommercial requirements & customization.

Numeric UPS Dealer in Bangalore

India’s booming IT industry could lose its cutting edge hopefully help is there in the form of Archana Polly the man who founded the world power system India’s number one manufacturer of ups or uninterrupted power supply machines that ensures that power never trips in any emergency or essential services that touch our lives the same man is known by the company he gives if you knew kitchen apples clientele it is indeed very impressive from emphasis

Cisco Microsoft’s of the world to the Reserve Bank of India and ICICI to Bajaj Auto and Ashok Leyland and even government institutions like the PMF office to the via foreign affairs today email Power Systems is spread in every business Portugal the 30 percent of its revenues coming from the banking and financial services segment 20 percent from corporate and government projects Numeric ups dealer in Bangalore.

20percent from electrical infrastructure which includes the IT sector and hospital segments and 15 percent revenues coming from the civil segment so how to chill up and falling into this business the old axiom nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come seems to have worked to the t4 shell happened in 1984 when the

The government headed by Rajiv Gandhi assured in an IT revolution many companies jumped onto the bandwagon but chill upon an electrical and electronics engineer by profession saw an opportunity in a different sense working at the truck major Ashok Leyland at that time the question chin up and kept asking himself was what would computerization meet 24/7and it did not take him long to find the answer it was ups or uninterrupted power supply system’s wasting no time shut up and chucked his job at show feelings and thus was born new male engineers in 1985 his pioneering efforts seemed to have paid off for the last 18 consecutive years numeric Power Systems has been awarded the

Number one online UPS manufacturer in the country by computer magazines of disk India this after an extensive industry survey of the strength of the company in terms of its product and service recently numeric enters the offline interactive ups market where – it has become number one it is no surprise then that Numeric Power Systems 200 1994 after an amalgamation of a few smaller companies has gone from a 19-12 big company 12 510 geography company in 2011with Numeric first

UPS plant was set up in 1993 in Chennai Tamil Nadu all inputs to make the final product from sheet metal enclosure powder coatings magnetic inputs like transformers to control and power electronics like printed serve before or made in-house on the other front the company tied up with the best battery

manufacturer in the world Panasonic of Japan the company not only sourced all its battery requirements but also became its distributor in India this time leaping of manufacturing unit dyeing up with man sonic human family set up sales and service networks across258 locations in the country manned by a strong 2,000 people workforce effectively it shall happen left no stone unturned to delight the customer nucleus means our continuity power continuity means uptime to a customer that is business continuity more business runs without any ups I mean computers and then in fact that

UPS systems so what our focus is our products which we supply to our customers has the highest of time meaning trouble-free operation so in awe are not just supplying the products alone or that we are not just the box pushers we are involved in providing highest continuity of power to the customers and then they get this business continuity and they become the satisfied customer for a long time in financial service companies a client along with ATF method MPR Egypt India America went on to capture presented by same operations and we need to respond to any felt within two hours and make sure where it is rectified and made operational

we will be one of an integral part of the quality and efficient maintaining that kind of service level agreement this member is and we find that to eliminate has fencing abilities and during this business for quite some time beside it also ensured that the client got a complete range of products it has tied up with world-class international OAM players to make available 4000kilovolt ampere high bandwidth UPS systems and that supply to its customers the entire range of

UPS systems from the range of 500-kilovolt ampere to 4000kilo volt-amperes having established its base in India the company is now spreading its wings to capture overseas market snot content to sit solar power all new mail cranes UPS systems are designed to work in solar power input using a numeric solar charge controller and an intelligent interface controller looks like the telephone is firing on all cylinders so how does the future holdout for numeric power systems Numeric ups dealer in Bangalore


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