How Does A Static Voltage Igbt Stabilizer Work?

How Does Static Voltage IGBT Stabilizer Work?

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Static voltage stabilizer is a device that is used to regulate the output voltage by Igbt’s switching by Dsp based control system with All the necessary inbuilt protection circuits. The Dsp-based system monitors the input and output voltage and corrects very quickly (within 50 microseconds) It consists of 2 sections Igbt’s based constant DC output voltage rectifier and Igbt’s based constant output AC voltage inverter 

static voltage stabilizer is a device that is used to regulate the voltage in an electrical system. This device is used in situations where the voltage in the system is not stable, or where the voltage needs to be maintained at a specific level. The static Voltage stabilizer can be used to either increase or decrease the voltage in the system, depending on the needs of the application 

What are the benefits of using static voltage igbt stabilizer?

There are several benefits to using a static voltage Igbt stabilizer:

Increased Efficiency

1. Increased Efficiency –  igbt stabilizers are more efficient than traditional transformer-based voltage stabilizers, meaning that less power is wasted in the form of heat.

Greater Stability

2. Greater Stability – Igbt stabilizer provides greater stability than transformer-based Static voltage stabilizer, meaning that your appliances and electronics will be better protected from sudden power surges or drops (output voltage regulation +/- 0.5 %).

More Compact Size

3. More Compact Size – Igbt stabilizers are much smaller in size than transformer-based voltage stabilizers, making them easier to store and transport.

Lower Cost

4. Lower Cost – Igbt stabilizers typically cost less than transformer-based voltage stabilizers, making them a more budget-friendly option.

mechanical parts

5. There are no mechanical parts, and zero maintenance required


6. No noise during normal working conditions

Power saving

7. Power saving up to 20%

Built-in EMI Protection

8. Critical load-friendly device (No output voltage fluctuations, No heat evaporation, built-in Emi protection, etc .)

Mobile Based Monitoring

9. Latest digital technology (Log events, 4-line display, Static Mobile based monitoring and on/off, the intelligent inbuilt algorithm for  customer site analysis-based working, etc.)


10. Efficiency of more than 98%


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