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Welcome to **Gravity Power Solution**, your ultimate destination for reliable, energy-efficient UPS systems. In this guide, we will focus on **Consul 3kVA Online UPS price** and the benefits of choosing this specific model. Discover why Consul’s 3kVA Online UPS is a top choice for many businesses and how Gravity Power Solution can provide you with the best deal

Consul 3KVA Online UPS ? We’ve got you covered. Explore our top 5 affordable pricing options and choose the one that fits your budget and requirements. Welcome to Fuji Electric. The global leader in energy, technology products, and solutions. Huger Electric is globally developing. It’s called the business of power. Electronic systems And India has been identified as one of the key markets as part of the company’s global growth plan. 

Fuji Electric in India brings to you the Dual advantage of industry-leading, Japanese technology and a deep understanding of the use of energy technology from its experience in nearly a hundred countries
Fuji Electric has been servicing customers in India for over four decades. And with the acquisition of Consul Power Solutions. Private limited Fuji Electric will have a strong presence across India

Consul Online UPS

Consul 3kVA Online UPS Price: Unraveling the Best Deals at Gravity Power Solution

State-of-the-art Japanese technology products that cater to every need proven track record of providing reliable power, and electronic Solutions across industry verticals. You get a trusted partner who is global in Merit and Indian in spirit. We believe our journey together begins immediately after the sale and installation. Our aim is to make every installation A Reference installation that delivers better value to the customer’s business buy  consul 3kva online ups price

Consul 3kVA Online UPS price**, let’s first understand what this model is all about. The Consul 3kVA Online UPS is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply system designed to ensure consistent power delivery for your business operations. It is equipped with a high capacity of 3 kilovolt-amperes (kVA), which provides enough power to support multiple devices simultaneously…

specification chart

ModelFinch Consul 3kVA Online UPS
Power Capacity3kVA
Input Voltage Range160 -280V AC
Output Voltage200/208/220/230VAC
Frequency Range50.Hz
Battery TypeSMF Battery 72 VDC
Battery Backup TimeExternal Battery Module UPS


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