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Emerson Liebert UPS Systems

Welcome to the world of Emerson Liebert UPS systems, where we offer reliable power backup solutions. Authorized dealer, we provide a wide range of products to meet your power protection needs. Visit our partner site at Vertiv for more information on Emerson UPS systems.

Key Benefits of Emerson Liebert UPS Systems

High Efficiency

Emerson Liebert UPS systems use smart technology to ensure a non-stop power supply for your business. They are energy-efficient, helping businesses save on energy costs while safeguarding critical equipment. Their design minimizes energy waste, contributing to a greener environment


With a proven track record of top performance, Emerson Liebert UPS systems are built to last. Their strong construction and high-quality components ensure the protection of your vital equipment, even during power disturbances.


As your business grows, so do your power protection needs. Emerson Liebert UPS systems offer easy scalability, allowing you to expand your power backup infrastructure as needed. Modular designs and add-on battery cabinets ensure seamless integration with your existing setup.

  1. What are Emerson Liebert UPS Systems?
    Emerson Liebert UPS Systems are advanced power management solutions designed to provide uninterrupted power supply, ensuring the seamless operation of your business.

  2. What are the key features of Emerson UPS Systems?
    Key features include high energy efficiency, scalability, extended battery life, and superior power outage protection. The systems also provide comprehensive power monitoring and control.

  3. What models of Emerson UPS Systems are available?
    There are several models available, including Emerson Liebert GXT, NX, and APM, each designed to meet different power requirements and operational environments.

  4. What maintenance is required for Emerson UPS Systems?
    Maintenance typically involves regular system checks, battery health assessments, and timely updates for software components.

  5. In what applications can Emerson UPS Systems be used?
    Emerson Liebert UPS Systems are ideal for a wide range of applications, including data centers, industrial settings, and office environments, where continuous power supply is crucial.

  6. How do Emerson Liebert UPS Systems compare to other UPS systems?
    Emerson Liebert UPS Systems are highly regarded for their reliability, energy efficiency, and advanced feature sets, making them a leading choice in the UPS market.

  7. Where can I purchase Emerson UPS Systems?
    Emerson Liebert UPS Systems can be purchased through Gravity Power solution contact our E: info@gravityups.in

Popular Models for Various Business Requirements

Liebert GXT5

This double-conversion online UPS system is designed for critical applications. It offers high efficiency, scalability, and advanced monitoring capabilities, making it a top choice for businesses.

Liebert EXS

The Liebert EXS is a compact and efficient UPS system with a small footprint and flexible battery configurations. Its high power density and reliability make it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses

Liebert EXM

The Liebert EXM offers a modular and scalable UPS solution for larger businesses and data centers. Its flexible design and advanced monitoring features make it a perfect fit for demanding power protection needs.

Maintenance and Support for Emerson UPS Systems

Ensuring Optimal Performance and Longevity

Preventive Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance of your Emerson Liebert UPS systems can help prevent potential issues and extend their lifespan. Our technicians perform routine checks and replace any worn components as needed.

Remote Monitoring: With our remote monitoring services, you can stay updated on the performance of your Emerson Liebert UPS systems. Our experts analyze real-time data and notify you of any potential issues before they escalate.

24/7 Support: In the event of a power outage or equipment failure, our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide assistance and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Choose Gravity Power Solution for your Emerson Liebert UPS needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable power protection.


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